How To

Welcome to the village!


Moving can be a stressful time for anybody and moving into a village where there is often a tight knit community with its own traditions and ways of doing  things can be a daunting prospect.  Welcoming new residents to the village and making the most of their new enthusiasm and skills can make a huge difference and can reduce the settling in time massively.  Residents of Pebworth welcome new residents to the village with a cheese and wine party (and use this as a way of getting them involved in as much of village life as possible right from the word go).  This is a great way to make people feel included and welcome but, if the cheese and wine is not your thing or if you have large developments in your village  and the hospitality budget will not stretch, how about a Welcome to the Village Pack?

The aim of the pack is to help people find their feet in the community, to make them aware of how things work, what makes their new village special and give them the necessary information to help them settle in and feel part of the community.  Many versions of these packs already exist and we have pulled the best of these together and devised a template which you can fill in  and adapt to your own needs.  The template can be found here.