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How strong is your village?

Health Check

A village health check

Wychavon has developed a model for strong rural communities – a breakdown, if you like, of what makes for a strong resilient community where residents can access services, are fully engaged in community life and where more vulnerable people are supported and cared for.

We have also developed a health check for rural communities to see how their own village or community matches up to the model and where, if anywhere, additional support or development might be best targeted.

model for strong rural communities

Take the health check

Why not take the health check challenge and see how strong your own community is. Will it be in good health or in need of a bit of first aid?

Simply score the following statements across the 6 elements of a strong community according to how well your village meets each of the statements (1-5 where 5 is a strong match and 1 is a weak match).  For example, under communications channels there is a statement about having a notice board with a variety of information that is kept up to date regularly.  If your village has one or more noticeboards that are updated with a range of relevant information every week or two, then score 5.  If however, there is no noticeboard or one that is rarely, if ever, updated then score 1.


Add up the scores.  The maximum score for each category is 25 and the “ideal village” will score between 20-25 for each section. Have a go and see how you get on!  Use the results to identify the elements where your village is particularly strong and the elements where it is weaker and you’d like to strengthen it.

Select a category from the list below:

Spaces to meet and connect

Having a say

Shared identity

Communication channels


Professional support