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Get Wychavon active


A funding pot of £100,000 of Sport England/National Lottery funding available right now to run projects that will get adults more active.

Your project(s) will need to target adults ‘primarily’ aged 25 and over (18-24yrs plus can included) in the Wychavon District Council area and need provide at least six sessions of activity (e.g. 6 x 1hr or 3 x 2hrs) that will engage and inspire people to take a more active role in sport and physical activity. Funding is based on the number of participants up to value of £40 per person e.g. 20 participants  x £40 = £800

Eligible organisations include sports clubs, leisure/fitness providers, national governing bodies, constituted community groups, uniformed groups and national/local charitable or trust organisations. Some private sector companies or businesses may also be eligible (please check).

Activity can be one sport/physical activity e.g. rugby for six weeks, or it could be a different sports each time e.g. Week 1 golf, Week 2 aerobics, Week 3 windsurfing, Week 4 archery etc. The choice is up to you.

If you are looking for funding and have a project in mind, please contact Mark Williams to receive a expression of interest form.

T: 01386 565229 E: